About me

In the last decade I have led several engineering teams, helping them deliver on time, optimise their process, and build a strong engineering culture.

I have helped companies like NewsUK, Glovo, Scout24, SoundCloud (amongst others) take on a wide variety of engineering challenges - from developing mobile products used by millions of users daily, to creating a continuous integration and deployment infrastructure used by all of the organisation’s engineering teams.

I have extensive experience in managing distributed teams and addressing challenges of quality, process, communication, and culture that usually arise from a similar setup.

I am particularly interested in how engineering practices impact high performing teams, and how well-crafted processes, tooling and automation enable a whole engineering organisation to scale fast and reliably.

I’m also committed to becoming a better professional through continuous learning and self-improvement, and I spend a lot of my free time reading about leadership and challenges of engineering organisations at scale.

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“Managing is different than engineering. Their toolchain is mentoring, coaching, feedback, and sponsorship wrapped in initiatives.” Doug Arcuri


JAN 2018 - NOV 2019 @ novoda
Engineering Manager
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I worked closely with the Head of Engineering and directly managed engineers in Novoda. I was also the main interface with clients, collaborating with leadership teams at clients like NewsUK and Glovo. I owned the delivery strategy to successfully meet several product milestones on time while ensuring an expected level of software quality and engineering best practices. Responsibilities involved:

  • managing 4 to 6 direct reports, supporting the career growth of 8 engineers in total over 2 years through regular 1:1s, workshops and goal-oriented initiatives
  • co-running 60+ performance reviews for the entire company’s engineering department
  • contributing to the definition of vision and strategy to keep the company’s engineering department competitive and inspired
  • embedding practices and processes enabling successful asynchronous communication and collaboration in a team of 12+ engineers distributed across 4 countries and 3 time zones for the Sun Mobile at NewsUK
  • defining metrics and practices leading to consistent architecture and quality gates across Android and iOS apps for the Sun Mobile at NewsUK
  • managing a team of 4 augmenting the Glovo platform team and acting as project manager for 3 initiatives aimed to support and enable the mobile team’s productivity
  • designing a fully automated solution that removed an overhead of 15% in the release process of mobile apps at Glovo

MAR 2014 - JAN 2018 @ novoda
Android Platform Lead
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I led several teams of different sizes (3-8 people) working on mobile products used by millions of users for clients like NewsUK, SoundCloud, Scout24, Channel4. Responsibilities involved:

  • leading technical and architectural decisions related to mobile apps and their interaction within larger product contexts
  • working closely with product teams and business analysts to help gather requirements, and translating requirements into clear development tasks
  • addressing issues of quality, communication and culture arising from a typical distributed team setup
  • optimising team throughput by removing impediments and interfacing with other teams/third party providers
  • conducting code reviews to maintain quality of code and promote sharing of information across teams
  • mentoring several engineers on topics like testing, architecture, scalability and other best engineering practices
  • promoting and coordinating dozens of shared learning experiences like Hack&Tells, workshops, Katas, etc

JUL 2013 - MAR 2014 @ novoda
Android Software Craftsman
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I have used my in-depth knowledge of the Android platform and best practise mobile software development to build first-class software for companies such as Tesco, MUBI, Arte, NewsUK. My primary focus was on:

  • building custom, branded UI elements and animations to maximise user delight
  • building an automated toolchain to ensure tested, high-quality code

JAN 2013 - JUL 2013
Freelance Mobile Developer
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Small mobile projects for some italian agencies. Designed and built Android applications as well as Adobe AIR/Flex Mobile solutions.

SEP 2010 - JAN 2013 @ SmallScreenDesign
Mobile Developer
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I was involved actively in the entire process of making more than a dozen of mobile applications over the main mobile platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry). Worked with some of the most talented studios in the industry (ustwo™, ubinow,  WDA,  etc). My main focus was to implement solutions using Android and/or Adobe AIR/Flex Mobile in order to:

  • support early designs via fast prototyping
  • leading project evolution following design patterns and best practices
  • implement custom UI/UX and work close to designers in fast iterations to provide polished products

MAY 2007 - SEPT 2007 @ UniCAL
Data mining consultant
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Worked few months as Java consultant for a research project about information retrieval, structured data and applied machine learning, using one of the tool I helped to develop during my Bachelor Thesis.

2005 ~ 2010
Freelance Developer
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Small web projects for local businesses mainly front-end focused, using HTML, CSS and Flash. Got acquainted with server-side development, integrating new features in solutions already present or writing simple apps in Java/JSP, PHP and ASP.


SEP 2006 - JUL 2010 @ UniCAL
MSc in Computer Engineering
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Graduated with 110/110. Final work: "Metodi di Topic Segmentation a supporto della Modellazione Probabilistica di Dati Testuali"

I worked on implementing and profiling machine learning algorithms used to analyse and extract topics and other high level models from unstructured text data.

SEP 2000 - JUL 2006 @ UniCAL
BSc in Computer Engineering
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Graduated with 98/110. Final work: "Learning Robust Web Wrappers"

I worked on how to use machine learning to improve robustness of tools used to retrieve information from web pages. SCRAP (SChema-based wRAPper for web data) is a wrapping system protoype designed for extracting specific contents from HTML sources and for modelling such contents using XML. SCRAP approach exploits the specification of the desired schema of the XML documents being built from the extracted information.